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This Environment Day, Save Earth to Save Money

It is a well-known fact that with some changes, you can change the world. But big things take time, sometimes, a lot of it. So this Environment Day, let’s start with small changes and simple steps that will not only help you help our planet Earth, but also reduce the burden on

Why Mothers make Rocking Realtors

This world is full of teachers not all of whom can be found in classrooms. Some reside at home and more so in our hearts. Yes, I am talking about mothers, the only ones who will do more for us than anyone else in the whole world. They bear agonising pains to

From Home Sweet Home to a Refreshing Party-Zone

Summers are head on and it’s time for a party! Well, at least that’s what you feel like, don’t you? The heat just drains all the energy out of your system, leaving only enough to attend a refreshing party where you can rejuvenate yourself. If that is the case, why not throw

This Summer Stay Cool without AC with these Nip-Tips

Yes, summers are here and it’s hot already! Stepping out of the house feels nothing less than a punishment, and let’s face it, it is only going to get warmer as the months roll on. With this heat wave on the rise, our homes also turn into furnaces tempting us to switch

8 Commercial Marvels in India that Up the Ante on Office Design

India is one country where diversity exists in abundance. Be it culture, traditions, religions, languages, monuments, people- there is no dearth of variety in our country. This also applies to real estate. Our incredible sub-continent has seen the rise of some exceptional real estate infrastructures, some of which have pushed the boundaries

Affordable Housing to be made ‘Affordable’ decides Parliament

In a move to protect home buyers from developers, a parliamentary panel has advised the government to put a cap on the cost of all projects in urban areas which fall in the affordable housing category. This is to prevent the buyers from paying extra to builders who like to increase the

Menace of Misleading Advertisements in Indian Real Estate: The Disease and its Cure

Advertising is a powerful tool. In this ever-expanding world, where the goods and services are increasing in variety, advertising has emerged as a potent force to influence potential as well as existing customers all across the globe. A brand leaves no stone unturned to enforce their products and services on customers through

Navami Navratra Special: Builder of the Day – Samridhi Group

Come the ninth day of Navratra or ‘Navami’ marking an end to the nine-day long auspicious period of Navratras. With it also comes our ninth ‘Builder of the Day’ – Samridhi Group. Let the good intentions of Goddess Siddhidatri combine with the lucrative discounts offered by Samridhi Group on its flagship project

Ashtami Navratra Special: Builder of the Day – Rise Group

We are all aware that the much awaited Navratras are nearing an end. Today, on the occasion of ‘Ashtami’ or the eighth day of Navratra, Finlace calls upon the blessings of Goddess Maha Gauri to protect and guard our investments and bless them to prosper and grow. Keeping in line with this

Saptami Navratra Special: Builder of the Day – Migsun Group

We welcome the seventh day of Navratra or ‘Maha Saptami’ by summoning Goddess Kaalratri, the most ferocious manifestation of Mother Goddess, the destroyer of demons. Let Goddess Kaalratri bestow her blessings on our ‘Builder of the Day’ – Migsun Group and its flagship projects which are offering great deals and discounts to