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Real Estate industry awaits clarity on GST tax rate 12% or 18%

While the goods and services tax (GST) tax structure has been declared, the real estate sector is waiting with bated breath to see which tax rate is applied to the real estate and construction industry. Real estate developers are waiting for clarity on tax structures applicable to them under the GST regime,

Cheers for homebuyers! Noida OKs exit policy to rescue realty projects

The three development authorities in Gautam Budh Nagar cleared the long-awaited exit policy for real estate realtors attempting to complete projects in Noida and Greater Noida approved a series of measures to protect the interests of homebuyers. Essential among those is an escrow record that will monitor by the Noida and Greater

Decoding Home Loans: Your Guide to Claim Home Loan Tax Benefits

As the dawn of a new year is already on the horizon filling you with a new energy and zest for more, with it also comes the painful task of filing all your documents disclosing loans and other savings investments on your income tax. If you are a master of these tricks,

Benefits of Purchasing a Property on Your Spouse’s Name

If you’re about to buy a property then one of the most important aspect that comes in mind is whether to register the property on your name or spouse’s name. It is good if you want to impress her but if you’re doing it because of financial reasons then you should think

Businessman need to pay less house tax as per new law

House tax rules had been revised and with new house tax rules businessman, schools and few other institution need to pay less house tax. Read attachment for full news.