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Some Important Vastu tips for Home

An individual’s home is where one seeks comfort, solace and good memories with family. Because our home is so important to, we are always worried about saving it from the evil eyes or negative energies surrounding us. If a house is made according to these principles, the inmates enjoy all the happiness

Guidelines to prepare you financially to buy a house

Getting ready to buy home can be a daunting process for everyone, especially for those people who don’t have experience in making such big investments. Rushing through this multi-step, long-term financial process than calculating how much home loan you can afford, saving for a down payment and fixing any blemishes on your

Invest in the Best Vastu Friendly Projects this Navratra

Vastu is a concept that dates back to thousands of years and forms more or less an indispensable part of the Indian household. The science of Vastu or construction technology is said to have originated during the Vedic times and defines the guidelines that one should follow to create architectural spaces that

8 Simple Vastu Tips for Your Home

Simple Vastu tips for home can work wonders. These are the integrations/deletions and additions that give a whole new energy to your living spaces. Find out some tips here:   1). Avoid Too Much Sharp Edges Sharp edges are known to create negative energy as per Vastu guidelines. When in search of

Amazing Vastu Tips for Plants at Your Home

Vastu Shastra translates to ‘science of architecture’ in English. We might have come far in the age of science and technology but still we need to take time and consider the knowledge that has been shared by our ancestors. Though we cannot define Vastu as per modern day logics and reasoning but

8 Vastu Shastra Tips for Office You Must Know!

1.     Look Out for Obstacles  If you are planning to start a business and are looking forward to decorate the interiors of your office space then this Vaastu tip is made just for you. You must make sure that there lies no obstacle in front or entrance portion of your office. This might