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All eyes on exit policy as Noida walks tightrope between purchaser and builder

Greater Noida CEO Deepak Agarwal led the meeting that concentrated on issues being confronted by developers because of the huge charges and take housing projects forward so that home purchasers are not influenced. The meeting also examined possible solution, which could be executed in a proposed exit policy for defaulting allottees so

FOBs in Greater Noida by next year

Keeping pedestrian security high on its agenda, Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) has decided to construct 10 Foot over Bridges (FOB) across the city. Work on the project is expected to be launched before the years over. The FOBs will be situated according to Greater Noida’s traffic Master Plan-2021 and as

10 Basic Tools You Must Keep At Home

Man has been able to successfully create a huge range of products but any of those would not have become possible if he wouldn’t have thought of designing the tools first. Tools help in every big-small tasks and have an utmost importance at the time of need. For a homemaker, it is

Menace of Misleading Advertisements in Indian Real Estate: The Disease and its Cure

Advertising is a powerful tool. In this ever-expanding world, where the goods and services are increasing in variety, advertising has emerged as a potent force to influence potential as well as existing customers all across the globe. A brand leaves no stone unturned to enforce their products and services on customers through

Toddler Safety Alert: Your Bible to Baby-Proofing Homes

As parents, I am sure you have figured that parenthood is demanding. Oh sorry, I meant very very demanding! The birth of a child changes your life in many beautiful ways and makes you feel a strong rush of emotions that you never even thought you were capable of feeling. But while

7 Usable Car Parking Space Ideas

Cars are estimated to spend an average of only 3-4% of their time in-transit. As much as 80% of their time parked at home and the remaining 16% parked at a destination. Well, in most of the cases. So caring about parking areas becomes as essential as maintenance of the vehicle. We

Making Homes Pet-Friendly

There are all kinds of people out there. Some, like me, are hard core animal lovers. If you are one too, I am sure you would love to keep pets or already have one.. or two.. or more! Animals fill our hearts and our lives with an unconditional love and in return,

8 Simple Tips to Prevent Your House from Catching a Cold!

Many a moons have gone by and another year is coming to an end. But this end brings with it a new beginning and a nip in the air. While you may be all set to brave the brutal winter winds with warm topees covering your mane and woolly mufflers cosily wrapped

Home Security – Tips, Tricks and Gadgets

Every home is unique in one or more regards. Like every individual, a home boasts a personality and has security concerns to watch out for. In our quest to find the modern age home security gadgets and tips, we stumbled upon many but chose the best ones for you to read. In

Keeping You and Your Home Cool in the Summer

How to keep cool in India’s searing heat – with or without an energy-hogging, expensive AC? Simple tricks with fans, a little ice and lots of shade work wonders to keep your home cooler. Some of these solutions will be familiar to those who lived in an era (not so long ago!)