What Makes Spanish Architecture so Popular?


Spain has impacted the whole of world in more than one field. From music to food and dance to architecture, it presents the best of everything. Spanish architecture is getting huge popularity even in countries like India where modern homebuyers remain in quest of something extra, something unique and something that can help them in creating a special identity. Read the blog article to find out what makes Spanish architecture so popular among masses and classes!


Different styles


The architecture of Spain is famous for more than one style. Can you name any one of them?

Here is a list of the popular building styles that originated from Spain:

–          Megalithic architecture

–          Iberian and Celtic architecture

–          Visigothic architecture

–          Nasrid architecture of the Kingdom of Granada

–          Mudéjar Style

–          Spanish Gothic architecture

–          Architecture of the Spanish Renaissance

–          Spanish Colonial architecture

–          Neoclassical Style


 Mudéjar Style- A Multi Cultured and Impactful Spanish Architecture


One of the most striking and fascinating architectural styles of Spain is much famous by the name of Mudéjar Style. It dates back to 12th century and was a result of mixed impact of Jewish, Christian and Muslim influences. Brick is known to be one of the main building materials of structures built with this style.


The Beauty of Spanish Castles


Just like the architecture of any other country, the Spanish architecture also portrayed status, class or rivalry. Spanish castles were majorly built by rules to reinforce their control in the territory. They also sufficed to be the visible expression of prestige and power for any ruler. Unlike castles made for defence purpose, Spanish castles look splendid in their make and form. Even today, the modern architects employs these principles and in many instances design homes around Spanish theme.


Spain- ‘A home to legends in the field of architecture e.g. Antoni Gaudi


Very few architects make it so far in history like the way Antoni Gaudi, the famous and legendary Spanish architect does who died in 1926 but is still remembered for his distinguished works in the field of Spanish architecture. He used different techniques and construction materials in buildings he created. Some of these items included wood, iron, stained glass and ceramics. His larger than life work is known as Sagrada Família which is a large Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona. Even though it is incomplete the famous church has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the picture what you see is the roof image of this famous church. Isn’t it so beautiful? Other notable works by Gaudi include El Capricho, Casa Vicens, and Episcopal Palace of Astorga.


Popularity of Spanish Architecture with Indian Celebs


Indian celebrities from businessmen to actors are known for making use of Spanish architecture at their richness personified residences. It is just due to this popularity that even new age residential projects for masses are now available with such themes and styles.


Impact of Spanish Architecture in India


Many of Colonial period buildings in India are inspired from Spanish architecture. A good example of the same is Viceregal Lodge located in Shimla. It is one of the finest infrastructures in India built during the regime of Lord Dufferin. It was designed by British architect named Henry Irwin. Though based on Jacobethan style, Viceregal Lodge which is also known as Rashtrapati Niwas in modern India, uses many forms of architecture and planning inspired from Spanish style.


Popularity of Spanish Architecture in Hospitality World


Popular restaurants and hotels in India often make use of Spanish architecture to provide a different feel and appeal for the visitors. While at one end, these spaces provide a rich, classic feel to guests, at another end they help in breaking the monotony of similar looking modern spaces. Likewise, some of the prominent developers in India increasingly like the idea of creating Spanish styled homes for buyers. One of the frontrunners in this category is Ajnara Ambrosia located at Sector 118, Noida. It is a Spanish themed residential project beautified with elegant entrances, windows, arches and more.


Spanish Way of Love!


Nothing defines love the way Spanish architecture does and we say so because there are endless ways of expressing love in Spanish language just like the way there are many different Spanish styles of developing infrastructure. The famous Spanish phrase ‘Te amo’ that translates to ‘I love you’ in English even has a Bollywood song titled to it from the film Dum Maro Dum. Even the realty segment in India is not untouched by Spanish style and this is why themed projects like Ajnara Ambrosia are getting much popular with homebuyers.


Favourite amongst Newlyweds


 The living spaces designed with Spanish architecture are perfect abodes for newlyweds and couples. These spaces, owing to their beauty aspects are much able contribute towards romance and passion of love shared by many first time homemakers. Won’t you love to have such a house that is perfected with Spanish architecture to give you the best of life and everything else?


Spanish Architecture complements Spanish Food


Spanish food is one of the most famous cuisines around the world. Even in India, there are many fans of it. Some of the best known Spanish recipes include Paella, Croquetas, Croquetas and Bocadillos. To savour and enjoy the Spanish food ones requires a dining that complements it. In new homes, that are themed around Spanish architecture, you can easily do it.

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