Various Flooring Options Provided by Developers to Buyers

When you search for an apartment the developer provides you bunch of information. The information comprises of floor plans, layout, etc. but you should keep in mind one most important thing which is flooring options. You should have knowledge about the looks and aesthetic value, maintenance, durability, price and behavior in the extreme weather conditions. Some of the flooring options are as follows:


Vitrified Tiles
These tiles are durable, stain resistant and require low maintenance. The vitrified tiles are made up of fine minerals like silica, quartz and clay. They have a glossy finish and last for about 10 to 15 years. These tiles are considered suitable for lobbies, offices and studios.
vertified tiles
Ceramic Tiles
These tiles are majorly made using clay and they go through the process known as dry pressing. The moisture is reduced from the ceramic tiles and they are given proper shape which is then made available for you in the market. After getting coated with glazes these tiles can last for about 30 years. However, these tiles are difficult to clean and require more maintenance.
 ceramic tiles
Unglazed Ceramic Tiles
These tiles are known to be the subcategory of ceramic tiles and have a matte finish which gives a more natural look. The unglazed ceramic tiles have a low water absorption rate and are suitable for outdoor areas like patios and porches. Their durability is 10 to 15 years and these can be cleaned easily and require less maintenance.


Italian Marble
The Italian marble is renowned around the world for its strength and beauty. It has a durability of about 25 years. However, only a very few developers use these tiles in their projects because these are costly and increase the price of the projects.
 italian marble
We are sure that you will be benefitted by grasping knowledge about all these tiles. Choose the best one according to your budget and requirement.​
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