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Rental Housing has a Huge Potential in India says M. Venkaiah Naidu

In a declaration supporting the rental housing segment in the country, M. Venkaiah Naidu, the Home and Urban Poverty Alleviation Minister, stated that promoting the rental housing stock in the country was imperative as the segment withholds within it a huge potential for the real estate market of the country. He further

FDI in Real Estate Industry: The Impacts

Indian real estate has been dealing with the problem of cash crunch from past many months. This toughened situation for developers might ease with the central government’s new decision to ease the FDI in crisis-struck real estate sector. Property experts share an opinion that this move by the government will lead to

Renting v/s Buying: The Tug of War

Owning a house is considered a major achievement for Indians. The desire to live in one’s own home is not only tied to a person’s financial strength but is backed by a strong emotional urge. And while an average Indian rushes to invest in a house as soon as they can afford

Affordable Housing Quotient of Dwarka Expressway

Dwarka Expressway is brimming with options in the category of affordable housing. This region offer homes at pocket-friendly prices with many known developers having their projects at different sites. The area is largely being selected by people relocating to Delhi NCR who hardly find affordable housing options in the city and nearby

Hopes of Revival Afloat for NCR Real Estate Sector

With the onset of the festive season, the realty market of the National Capital Region is looking up after experiencing a slowdown for nearly two years now. The reason for this revival is the upcoming festivities that are not just favouring the buyers but also the developers, pushing things in a positive

Buyers to Experience a Freebie-Shower This Festive Season

The upcoming months will be full of merriment and celebrations for us Indians as they will bring with them a host of festivities. This is a good time to rejoice as you meet family, friends, enjoy good meals and pay homage to age old Indian traditions. This is also a time when

Buyer Optimism on Rise as Bank Rates Lower

Hopes of home buyers are on the rise as many banks are cutting down their interest rates on home loans. This positive move can be linked to the slowing of credit off take in banks that is flushing them with ample funds and the flourishing deposits. And the default rates being the

Real Estate China: Improvement in Sales, Decline in Investment

The first half of 2015 has been rather paradoxical for the real estate sector of China. While on one hand, the investment in the realty sector kept slowing down owing to the substandard construction, on the other, the investment in housing escalated. These two contradictory trends indicate a heterogeneous renewal of China’s

Ecommerce and Tech Start-Ups Overtake ITs as Biggest Office Space Occupiers in India

For the first time in the history of the Indian real estate, the rapidly growing e-commerce companies and technology start-ups have taken over IT and ITES firms, emerging as the largest office space occupier in the first half of 2015. This segment, at present, occupies 35 per cent of the total office

Things to keep in mind for Real Estate Investors: 2015

 Those looking to invest in real estate must get first aware about all the factors affecting it. Only after careful planning one can carry forward with investing into it. What matters the most is careful planning and all round awareness especially for beginners. There have been instances only in India where new