Every day, around two lakh commuters travel from Noida to Greater Noida through the Dadari-Surajpur-Chalera (DSC) road. And every day, this route experiences intolerable traffic jams, distressing the people, making them late for their work engagements. The incessant honking of vehicles only ensures throbbing temples and frustrated drivers. These daily troubles of people are however about to come to an end as the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) has announced its decision to build a six-lane elevated flyover connecting Noida and Greater Noida.


Daily, thousands of commuters flock this route via Barola, Bhangel and Phase-II to get to Greater Noida. But this journey is not without hurdles as the road passes through markets and residential areas which are further encroached upon by vendors and hawkers. To make things worse, the villagers have destroyed the dividers in several places.

Falling as good news on the ears of hassled commuters, this flyover will provide a 5 kilometre long signal-free drive stretching from Noida Sector-41 to Noida Special Economic Zone, Phase-II Industrial Area, connecting Dadari and Greater Noida. Before Noida-Greater Noida Expressway came into existence, this was only a signal road that connected Noida to Greater Noida reported an official.

The official authorities have already prepared a Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the proposed flyover and has handed it over to Indian Institute of Delhi (IIT), Delhi for getting the technical utility approved. A tender will soon be floated and work of the flyover will commence. Nonetheless, the process will be a little slow due to the re-examining of DPR which also has to consider the alignment of the suggested metro line which will also pass through DSC Marg.

The authorities have given an estimate of Rs. 500 crore for the project and the construction is hoped to begin in the next four months after the tendering is complete. The entire flyover is envisaged to be complete and functioning in one and a half years.

Akhilesh Singh, Additional Chief Executive Officer, Noida Authority, stated, “We have brought new DPR on this project which has been sent to the IIT Delhi for its technical examining. The work on this project is to be start soon.” RNP Mishra, Superintendent of Traffic Police, Noida is also hopeful that this move will relax the traffic congestion in the area and bring relief to the Noida Traffic Police.





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