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Residential Segment under Private Equity Funds’ Spotlight

According to the property consultant Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), private equity firms are recording a significant change in their pattern of investment, shifting their focus from diversified funding to the residential segment. During the period of 2007-2008, PE investors made every possible effort to invest in the Indian economy and its real

FDI in Real Estate Industry: The Impacts

Indian real estate has been dealing with the problem of cash crunch from past many months. This toughened situation for developers might ease with the central government’s new decision to ease the FDI in crisis-struck real estate sector. Property experts share an opinion that this move by the government will lead to

India Records Highest Office Space Leasing in Asia-Pacific

According to a report released by Jones Lang LaSalle, office space leasing in India was recorded at the highest in the entire Asia-Pacific region. These figures are reflective of the office space leasing in the quarter ended September, 2015. Office space leasing in India touched a whopping $ 1 billion for the

Demand for Office Spaces on the Rise

The commercial segment of Indian realty is finally witnessing signs of recovery as property developers are showing an increased interest in office spaces. The demand for office spaces has rocketed so much so that developers are already facing a supply constraint in ‘Grade A’ office spaces. This is because ever since the

Indians Take Lead in Foreign Investment in Dubai Realty

Indians seem to be taking the lead in various arenas, this time it being foreign investment in Dubai real estate. Investing an amount of Rs. 30,000 crore in 2014, Indians emerged as the topmost foreign property investors in Dubai. This figure is constitutive of more than a quarter of ‘non-Arab’ property investments

Renting v/s Buying: The Tug of War

Owning a house is considered a major achievement for Indians. The desire to live in one’s own home is not only tied to a person’s financial strength but is backed by a strong emotional urge. And while an average Indian rushes to invest in a house as soon as they can afford

Homebuyers All Set to Make Best Use of Festival Season

Festival time comes with good news for everyone. From buyers to sellers, everyone rejoices with the deals they get and sell in this time of year. Real estate has long been experiencing the negative sentiment from buyers in the market. But now, with festivals on doorsteps, it is indeed the time for

Hopes of Revival Afloat for NCR Real Estate Sector

With the onset of the festive season, the realty market of the National Capital Region is looking up after experiencing a slowdown for nearly two years now. The reason for this revival is the upcoming festivities that are not just favouring the buyers but also the developers, pushing things in a positive

Affordable Housing: Now Avail 90% Loan for Properties Up to Rs 30 Lac

Properties costing up to Rs. 30 lac are now eligible for home loans up to 90% after the RBI’s latest circular to Indian banks. This is being seen as a major step to boost sales of affordable and low-cost houses within the country. It must be noted that earlier LTV (Loan_To-Value) ratio

Buyers to Experience a Freebie-Shower This Festive Season

The upcoming months will be full of merriment and celebrations for us Indians as they will bring with them a host of festivities. This is a good time to rejoice as you meet family, friends, enjoy good meals and pay homage to age old Indian traditions. This is also a time when