Single Window Clearance to Come In Existence by November 30, 2015

Single Window Clearance system has lately gone through a series of considerations and analysis by Urban Development Ministry. The government has now announced that the same will be worked upon as early as November, 2015. The system has long been demanded by the real estate developers, who presently need to get approvals from multiple sources. With the implementation of an efficient single window clearance system, they will get required approvals in lesser time, as compared to now.

single window

The government is also keen to make the single window clearance system operational which will assist it in implementation of 100 smart cities plan and housing for all by 2022. The Union Minister, M Venkaiah Naidu expressed his views regarding single window clearance system while taking to media. He commented that government is presently working to provide such a system for urban development projects. This will help in combating issues like delay in approvals which lead to negative impact on pace of urban development projects. The notification regarding new system and way of easy approvals will be announced by November 30, 2015.

Ironically, India ranked 183 out of 189 countries in a recent survey conducted by World Bank in terms of ‘ease of doing business for 2016’. The major inhibiting parameter was ‘dealing with construction permits’. Subsequently, the government has figured out that it needs to rope in urgent reforms so as to rank high in the list. The urban development ministry held meetings with other ministries like civil aviation, culture, defense, consumer affairs and environment so as to find out major deterrents. Naidu was found stating that the government is much serious to bring in new reforms and elevate its position on the scale of ease of doing business.


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