Smart City Plans Not To Be Entertained After December 15, 2015

The Union Urban Development Ministry has declared that it will not entertain any submissions for Smart City plans after December 15, 2015. The same must be submitted to the ministry by concerning urban local bodies on or before the asserted date. The announcement was made during a meeting of ministry officials with principal secretaries of state urban development departments in addition to various Municipal Commissioners from different cities.


States that stayed in focus during the meeting and which are required to submit their plans include UP, West Bengal, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Some of the Municipal Commissioners present in the meeting with Urban Development Ministry shared an opinion that they expect Ministry to provide them with some additional time. They have been working hard to compile everything in order for their respective smart city plans.

However, Urban Development Ministry has ruled down any possibilities of date extension. It has asked the bodies working on smart city plans to adhere with the timeline. It must be noted that ministry wishes to ensure citizen participation in formulation of smart city plans which is an enormous task to achieve. By far, 98 cities have been selected for smart city mission by the Indian government. The declaration was made earlier in June 2015 by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

In the second level of the city challenge competition, as many as 20 cities with top scores and ratings will be chosen for financing. The first batch of selected smart cities will get an assistance of Rs. 200 crore each by the central government. For the next three years, same will be given Rs. 100 crore assistance per year. Interestingly, the Urban Development Ministry has already provided mission cities with Rs. 2 crore each for the documentation and preparation of Smart City Plans.

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