Smart City Mission: Global companies join hands with India

The Indian Urban Development Ministry has reported that India’s Smart City Mission has generated a lot of interest in foreign countries. Mr. Venkaiah Naidu confirmed the reports in a press conference earlier this week. As much as 14 Global-level companies from countries like Canada, the US, the UK, Japan and France have been selected so far. These companies will help to develop as many as 42 smart cities in India.

Smart City Mission

While naming a few companies at an event organized by FICCI, the Union Minister for Urban Development commented, “Think of Ecorys Nederland BV of Netherlands coming forward and winning the bid to prepare Smart City Plan for Bhagalpur in Bihar, Tractebel Engineering SA of Belgium being associated with smart city plan of Dharmashala in Himachal Pradesh, Haskoning DHV Consulting of Netherland with the little known Dahod in Gujarat, Mott MacDonald of United Kingdom with Jaipur, Deloitte Touche Tohmastsu of Japan with Bidhannagar in West Bengal, Data World of South Africa with remote Namchi in Sikkim.”

Mr. Naidu also highlighted that how plans for smart city and related actions taken by government has instilled a sense of competition among different Indian cities. This is for the first time in India that cities are being selected on such basis. Many dignitaries from various industries were present at the event and were found welcoming the news.

The Urban Development Ministry has provided urban local bodies with a time limit till December 15. Before this date they all must submit their singular city level smart city plans. The submissions will later undergo evaluation under the banner of City Challenge Competition. This will finally led to selection of the first group of 20 cities.

The Minister also reported to media that in upcoming Parliament session the Real Estate Regulation Bill could get tabled. It has to be noted here that the bill has been approved by the Parliament Select Committee.


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